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UAMS offers a way for employees and their family members to have substantial savings in health care. Employees who are insured by a University of Arkansas Health Plan have the opportunity to take advantage of SmartCare.  Effective 1-1-2018, SmartCare is available to employees at all University of Arkansas campuses. 

View At a  Glance-Medical Plan Options to see the savings under SmartCare under the three medical plans.

One of the best things about SmartCare is that you don’t have to sign up for it. If you come to UAMS for your care and are enrolled in our health plan, you will automatically enjoy a lower annual deductible and lower copays.

You can take advantage of the SmartCare benefits by using UAMS physicians, clinics and facilities. To maximize your UAMS SmartCare benefits you should select a UAMS primary care physician (PCP). You can use our Find a Doctor search to find the right PCP for you (only physicians at UAMS clinics and AHECs are under SmartCare). Even if you choose not to have a UAMS primary care physician, SmartCare benefits also include UAMS specialists.

UAMS employees can schedule appointments via email at You also have priority access to appointments through a dedicated appointment line at 501-686-8749.

You maintain the choice of where you want to go for your medical care, but now there’s an extra incentive for coming to UAMS.

Visit the SmartCare Frequently Asked Questions page or view the SmartCare Video for more information.

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