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Welcome to Your website. Below are links and information for all managers and supervisors of UAMS.  For forms and additional information on the content on this page go to the Forms for Managers Page

What’s New!

My Compass

Important Non-Employee Extend HR Action change. Click Here for more information. 


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Initiating the ADA interactive Process

ADA Q&A on Service Animals 

Benefit Presentation for Off-Campus Sites

Found on the Benefits summaries page.  Click here for the Benefits home page.


Recent HR Distribution Communications

Recent HR SAP Communications

Archived HR Distribution Communications

Compensation and Classification

Action Verbs Used to Describe Job Duties

Administrative Support Comparison Worksheet

Administrative Support Job Matrix

Business Admin Comparison Worksheet

Business Administrator Matrix

Classification and Compensation Study Communication

Classified vs Non-Classified


Concurrent Employment

Position Description Template

UAMS Human Capital Committee Submission 

UAMS Workforce Management Process Description

Employee Relations

Drug Testable Positions

Employee Disciplinary Notice

Employee Handbook

Employee Relations Training Classes 2019

Language Services

Leadership Annual Evaluation

Resignation Notice &  Supervisor Acceptance – in lieu of Dismissal (March 2019)

Employee Recognition

Employee Service Awards

Employee Recognition Toolkit and other information

Exiting Employee

Employee Separation

What happens to my benefits when I leave UAMS

Employee Separation Notification Process

Voluntary Resignation Notice & Supervisor Acceptance

Resignation Notice & Supervisor Acceptance –  in lieu of Dismissal (March 2019)

HR Actions Manual

Faculty Off-boarding Checklist

Drug Testing

Drug Testable Titles

FMLA Leave Information

FMLA Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Qualifying Reasons for Leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act

Hiring Employees

Concurrent Employment Request Process

Concurrent Form

Confidentiality Agreement

Drug Testable Positions

Employee Certification and Disclosure Form (Completed in My Compass)

Faculty and Resident Benefits Information

I-9 Form (New Hires via My Compass must complete all forms via My Compass, contact HRBP or Recruiter for questions)

I9 Acceptable Documents

ID Badge Information

Interview Questions – General

Interview Questions – Acceptable and Unacceptable

Interview Questions – Supervisory Interview Questions

Job Advertisement Request Form

Notification of Release of Data to ACH

Orientation Information (general)

Outside Employment Policy

Position Description Template

How do you do that?

Legal Name Change

When an employee is hurt on the job (Worker’s Compensation)

Military Leave Information

Military Leave Policy

What happens to my benefits if I am called to active duty?

Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)

Management Development

HR Law for Managers

Compensation Review


Clocking Instructions

ESS Leave Request Instructions

ESS Leave Approval Instructions

How do I read the W-2

How do I print my online W-2

Kronos Link


Outside Employment Policy

Paycheck Calculator

Payroll Calendar

Payroll Website

Policies Governing Employee Usage of Accutime

SAP Leave Approval

SAP Leave Request Instructions

Time Clock Terminal Group Codes

UAMS Student FICA Exemption Certificate

W2 Reprint Request

Policy Information

Policy Information

Recently Created and Updated Policies

U of A Board Policy

Arkansas Department of Finance Policies

Equal Employment Opportunity Notices

SAP Information and Instructions

HR Actions Manual

Instructions for ZBUDREV

Performance Evaluation Report – SAP ZHRSCORESUM

SAP Information & Training

SAP Leave Request Instructions

Useful Links

DFA Office of Personnel Management (OPM) 

UAMS Appropriation Act

Clinical Computer Training

Employee Assistance Program

Need a Temporary Employee


Training Tracker

Staff Education

UAMS Clear Zone

For forms and additional information on the content on this page go to the Forms for Managers Page.