New Employee Orientation & Onboarding

It is UAMS policy (Policy 4.7.01) that all new and rehired employees must participate in face-to-face orientation. Face-to-face orientation should be completed within the first two weeks from the date of hire. It is the responsibility of the hiring department to inform new employees that attending Orientation is a condition of employment. If orientation is not successfully completed, departments will be contacted by the Talent Management team to re-schedule.

New Employee Onboarding is conducted online via the Onboarding Portal in My Compass.  Note:  All online onboarding forms and modules are due the day before the date of hire.

Incomplete onboarding forms and modules will delay the following: start date/date of hire, first payroll check, and benefits effective date.

Exceptions and Special Circumstances Regarding New Employee Orientation
The following exceptions do not allow employees to be exempt from onboarding, online forms, modules, or medical screening requirements.

These are the only exceptions or special circumstances for the face to face session:

  • Employees outside the Central Arkansas area, such as the Regional Programs and Kids First.
  • Employees located off the main UAMS campus.
  • Employees and faculty located at Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH).  Employees located at ACH should attend orientation at ACH.
  • Faculty that precept students in non-UAMS clinics, if located off the main UAMS campus.
  • Transfers from one department to another UAMS department.  IMPORTANT:  If the employee change status and become newly eligible for benefits in the future, employees must be submitted to onboarding in order to get the necessary online forms and training.  The employee has 31 days from the date of status change to enroll in benefits.
  • Student Employees, Graduate Assistance, and paid/unpaid interns. The department is responsible for ensuring the new employee visits the Student and Employee Health Office and submits the medical screening form.
  • All Non-Clinical Student Workers (work-study, graduate assistants).
  • Email Only Access – employees and NON-Employees who only have access to email and will not be on campus.
  • Distance Faculty – Those that teach on-line only.
  • Summer Research Internship – for example interns through the Center for Diversity Affairs.
  • High school, college students, work study participating in an internship or externship.
  • High school or college students participating in a job shadow program.
  • Re-hired employees who worked at UAMS within the last six (6) months.

New Employee Orientation Agenda and Dates:

Orientation Agenda 

New Employee Orientation will be held every other Monday. All regular orientation sessions will be held on campus.  New hires should report to the 1st floor, Central Building, Information Desk at 7:30 am on their scheduled orientation date to be escorted to the new employee orientation room.

Jan. - March 2020April - June 2020July - Sept. 2020Oct. - Dec. 2020

1/13/20                                              ED II G141 A & B
1/27/20                                              ED II G131 A & B
2/10/20                                              ED II G141 A & B
2/24/20                                              ED II G141 A & B
3/09/20                                              ED II G141 A & B
3/23/20                                              ED II G141 A & B

4/06/20                                              ED II G141 A & B
4/20/20                                              TBD
5/04/20                                              TBD
5/18/20                                              TBD
6/01/20                                              ED II G141 A & B
6/15/20                                              ED II G141 A & B
6/29/20                                              ED II G141 A & B

7/13/20                                              ED II G141 A & B
7/27/20                                              ED II G141 A & B
8/10/20                                              ED II G141 A & B
8/24/20                                              ED II G141 A & B
9/08/20(Tuesday)                            ED II G141 A & B
9/21/20                                              ED II G141 A & B

10/05/20                                            ED II G141 A & B
10/19/20                                            ED II G141 A & B
11/02/20                                            ED II G141 A & B
11/16/20                                            ED II G141 A & B
11/30/20                                            ED II G141 A & B
12/14/20                                            ED II G141 A & B
12/28/20                                            ED II G141 A & B

I9 Requirements:

Those employees attending orientation must bring the acceptable documentation with them to orientation to complete their I9 form.  Those not attending orientation may bring their documentation to the HR office, located in the Barton Building rooms 1R8 through 1R12, on their first day of employment.  Those working outside of Central Arkansas may take their documentation to HR reps at their location (i.e. Regional Programs, Kids First and other departments located elsewhere in the state).  VERY IMPORTANT: This is vital because UAMS MUST complete I-9 eligibility verification no later than the third business day after the start date.