Online Performance Evaluation System Information

 Welcome to the Online Performance Evaluation System (OPES)

This site provides managers AND employees with consistent, objective methods for evaluating performance across the institution in support of the UAMS mission to improve the health, health care, and well-being of Arkansans and of others in the region, nation and the world.

All programs (clinical and non-clinical) are currently using the mandatory system to evaluate all non-faculty positions. It is not necessary to complete an evaluation on temporary, concurrent, and contract employees. At this time, faculty evaluations will continue using the current method, though faculty members who supervise non-faculty positions will use this system to evaluate their employees.

This system promotes two-way communication, fosters positive change and increases momentum toward achieving individual and organizational goals.

Supervisors must conduct employee evaluations using the online system. OPES provides a method for measuring job performance, identifying strengths and areas for improvement, coaching and development, and recognizing achievements. This system ensures job descriptions and performance are consistent with the UAMS core values.

OPES Link to information for EMPLOYEES

OPES Link to information for MANAGERS

Communication Updates:

Changes to the Annual Performance Evaluation – Core Competencies Added

As we have completed the first round of evaluations, information about copying evaluations to the next review period can be found in the MANUAL.

 The employee’s review dates can be found using the reports function in MSS – CLICK HERE.  You may also use this report to view the appraisal status for each employee of your organizational unit.

For Additional Information Contact:

UAMS:  For questions regarding the Employee Evaluation System contact the HR Manager for the department.