Workers’ Compensation

ALL employees on UAMS payroll are entitled to apply for Workers’ Compensation benefits. If you have an on-the-job injury, you may be eligible for benefits, including medical care and income replacement.

Employees with work related injuries, who NEED medical treatment, must call the Company Nurse Injury Hotline @ 1-855-339-1893 to begin the claim process.  The injury hotline is accessible to employees, 24 hours / 7 days a week.  This accessibility aids our employees in getting timely and appropriate medical treatment.

How to file a claim:

The following link provides instructions on how to file a workers’ compensation claim. Click the link for additional information.

Injury and Incident Report (I&I):

A UAMS Injury and Incident Report (I&I) must be completed for ALL work related injuries or incidents. Click the link for additional information.

OPTUM (Pharmacy Provider): A prescription may need to be filled for the injured employee receiving medical treatment.  The employee will receive a Temporary Prescription Form (TPF) from the triage treatment facility. The injured employee may also contact OHR at (501) 686-5650 or send an email to for assistance.

Public Employee Claims Division (PECD) of the Arkansas Insurance Department administers the program for UAMS.


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