Organizational Development

Organizational Development (OD) professionals act as change agents to better the organization by providing services that emphasize relationships and processes between and among individuals and groups. OD works within HR to develop systems and programs that will elevate our workforce and develop our talent internally. Our work includes providing an understanding of how people interact and effectively fulfill their roles to achieve the mission of the organization.

Our mission is to enhance the effectiveness of the UAMS workforce by creating a culture that promotes opportunities for all UAMS employees to grow in their careers. We fulfill our mission by focusing on the UAMS Culture, leadership and employee effectiveness and employee engagement. We strive to fulfill each of these areas by offering training courses, consulting services and by fostering a strategic partnership with the organization.

Organizational Development serves employees through

  • Professional Development
  • Contribution to Team Success
  • Support of UAMS’ Performance Excellence Culture

This is accomplished through training, consultation, performance management, and leadership development.

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