Human Capital Analytics and Research (HCAR)

We are experiencing seismic shifts in the HR landscape and leaders now realize they need to embrace a data-driven culture to compete and retain top talent. HR analytics is the application of statistics, modeling, and analysis of employee-related factors and measures to improve business outcomes at UAMS.  Data analysis is a necessary tool to move beyond “gut feeling” to data-driven decisions. HCAR can help UAMS leaders collect, analyze and interpret data to make those data driven-decisions to enhance our workforce.

HCAR assists UAMS HR business partners, manager, and leaders to make data-driven decisions in attracting, managing, and retaining employees, which often improves return on investments UAMS makes on all its employees. We also help leaders make decisions to create better work environments and maximize employee productivity. HCAR can have a major impact on the bottom-line of any work unit or service line when used effectively.

HCAR analytics assists UAMS by moving the HR function from an operational partnership to a strategic partnership by helping create excellence in human capital problem solving at UAMS. The employees at UAMS is the reason for our success and HCAR can help leaders make the jump from intangible theory-based decisions to real ROI through some of the following services:

  • Determining better hiring practices
  • Increased employee retention
  • Basic procedure and process improvements
  • Improved employee work experience
  • Improved workforce planning through informed competency and talent development

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