Q. What is U-Temps and how does it work?

A. U-Temps is our on-campus Temporary Staffing Service, which functions like a temporary employment agency. You may apply to U-Temps by completing a regular application form. In place of the job number and job title, indicate U-Temps.

Q. Can I apply for permanent positions while I am working a temporary assignment?

A. Yes! We use the same application, so you can apply for both permanent jobs and a U-Temps position. Once you are on board with U-Temps you can still request that your application be considered for new openings simply make a request in writing at the UAMS Recruitment Office.

Q. How do I know what jobs are available?

A. Due to the fact that we try to fill our jobs on daily basis, we do not post our current openings. However, you can contact our office to check on current positions.

Q. What jobs do you place?

A. The majority of the positions are clerical or administrative support. We also receive requests for non-clerical work such as food service worker, assistant mail processors, and library techs. Occasionally, we will receive job requests for specialized professionals such as programmers, and accountants.

Q. What is the salary rate?

A. U-Temps wages are determined by the duties and responsibilities of the position based on the UAMS classification system.

Q. How long do job assignments last?

A. Your job assignment could last from a few hours to an indefinite period of time. However, you may only work up to 1,000 hours on one assignment in a calendar year.

Q. Do temporary employees receive any benefits?

A. There are several programs that you may participate in, such as the U 0f A Credit Union, Supplemental Retirement Program, Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Unfortunately, at this time U-Temps employees are not eligible for vacation, sick or medical benefits. U-Temps employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Insurance.

Q. How often will I get paid?

A. U-Temps are paid on a bi-weekly pay schedule. As a condition of employment, employees are required to have direct deposit.

Q. How do I contact the U-Temps Office?

A. By calling 501-320-7596 or via email at