Manager’s Role

Starting the Process

Once the department has determined that they need a temporary employee, a request can be made to the U-TEMPS office for assistance. UAMS requires that each department allows U-Temps the opportunity to fill their temporary positions. The exception to this rule is nursing. Once U-TEMPS is contacted, we will work to fill your request with the most qualified individual. The selection process can be handled by the department, U-TEMPS or a combination of the two.

Once Your Temporary Employee is Selected

If U-TEMPS makes the selection of the employee, we will notify you either by phone or e-mail of the person.

By the first day of the assignment the manager should have:

  • Notified the department employees that a temporary employee will be starting.
  • Has a workspace designated for the temporary employee.
  • If not before, on the first day, requested computer log-on ID with the IT department and any other special access.
  • Have a person who is assigned to be the supervisor of the temporary employee that will have signature authority for the timesheet.

Once Your Temporary Employee Starts

Once the temporary employee arrives at your location, please go over with the temporary employee your departmental guidelines. Hopefully you have shared this information with U-TEMPS prior to placement so that we can also cover these items with the employee.

These guidelines should include:

  • Dress code of the office
  • Schedule
  • Job responsibilities

We also suggest the temporary employee be introduced to the rest of the staff and shown the layout of the office.


Temporary employees must clock in using the Kronos land line number. Instructions to clock in and out will be given to the temp before their 1st day.

The only time a UTemp will use a timesheet is the 1st week of employment. UTemp hours must be logged in and submit it to the U-Temps office no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday before the beginning of a new UAMS biweekly pay period. The UTemp staff will email daily if there are missed punches.


After each payroll, U-TEMPS will process billing for the temporary employee. Please inform U-TEMPS of any grants changes while an employee is working in your department. This will insure timely processing. The UAMS Controller’s Office will make charges to your departmental account for the services of a U-Temps employee. Information for calculating charges is taken from the record of hours worked as shown on the U-Temps employee’s time sheet. Billing is based on the temporaries’ gross salary and FICA. U-TEMPS will also charge back any other charges that may occurred, such as travel expense that was required by your department.


U-TEMPS will ask you to complete an evaluation on the temporary employee that was assigned to you. We will also ask that you complete an evaluation on the service the U-TEMPS provided. Our goal is to have a completely satisfied campus with our service and quality of temporary employee.

We will be sending you an e-mail with links to the evaluations. Please take the time and complete these questions.

Ending the Assignment

You can end an assignment at any time, when you feel the service is no longer required. In some cases the department feels comfortable to notify the employee, in other cases the department can notify U-TEMPS and we will notify the employee. In either case, please contact U-TEMPS to let us know that the assignment has ended.